Wednesday, 16 September 2015

RCW Announcement: Chelsea Green

Due to scheduling conflicts out of RCW's control "Tough Enough Contestant" Chelsea Green will not be appearing this weekend. Chelsea has sent her apologies to all the fans who were expecting to see her this weekend but she has promised she will now be a part of the Clash of titans event on Friday October 16th in Springbrook and Rise of Legends 5 on Saturday October 17th in Edmonton. 
Once again RCW aplogizes for this late cancellation but RCW will still present the best Live Pro Wrestling this coming weekend.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

RCW Announcement: Rex Roberts Returns

Central Canadian Wrestling legend Rex Roberts is making his long awaited return to Real Canadian Wrestling next weekend for two action pack shows. 

Rex Roberts is one of the most known wrestling talents currently in Canadian Wrestling. He has 20yrs experience inside the wrestling business and he held titles in every promotion he has wrestled and has proven his reputation with hard hitting matches. Rex is making a comeback and proving there is still alot of fuel left in the Cowboy's tank and has alot left to prove and the fans are in for a wild rough match when Hellbilly is inside the ring. 
Make sure to get your tickets to see Rex Roberts and RCW LIVE. 
Friday September 18th-Springbrook Multiplex, Red Deer AB
Saturday September 19th-Evansdale Community Hall, Edmonton AB

Saturday, 5 September 2015

RCW Announcement: KEVY CHEVY returns!

KEVY CHEVY is returning to RCW on September 18th and 19th... 

He is on a mission to prove why he is the best big man in Canadian Wrestling and his mission is bringing him back to RCW. 


Canadian wrestling veteran "Pissed Off Pitbull" Robby Royce is returning to RCW for on Friday September 18th in Springbrook, Alberta and Saturday September 19th in Edmonton. 

Robby Royce has said he is coming back alone this time and is looking to cause havoc and beat up anyone who wants to get into the ring and face him. Robby Royce has promised that this a whole new man coming to RCW and he isn't coming play but end careers and take gold. 
The Wildcard in this whole situation is Robby Royce still hold the Gold Rush ticket that he won back in March and has the option to challenge for any title he wants to in RCW... 
Make sure to get your tickets now and not miss the return of the Canadian Wrestling Legend.

RCW Announcement: "Tornado" Tony Kozina at RISE OF THE LEGENDS 5

Just Comfirmed for RISE OF THE LEGENDS 5...

2x-NWA World Jr.weight Champion
3X-NWA Canadian Jr.weight Champion,
6x- NWA Pacific Northwest Jr.weight Champion
18 year wrestling veteran
Wrestled for ROH,TNA,WWE and various other top promotions. 

"TORNADO" Tony Kozina

RCW Announcement: Chelsea Green

Real Canadian Wrestling is excited to welcome "WWE Tough Enough Contestant" and Storm Wrestling Academy Graduate Chelsea Green to the RCW Women's Division. 
Chelsea Green will be making her debut at RCW Collision Course on September 18th at Springbrook Multiplex and then will be appearing at RCW Fatal Fallout in Edmonton on Saturday September 19th. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

RCW Update - New match announced!

Big match signed for RCW GOLDRUSH...

Fresh off his successful debut in England, Dynamite Dan along with The Dynamite Doll will be facing "European Star" Kay Jutler. These two men faced off early this month in England and now they will face off for the first time on Canadian soil at RCW GOLDRUSH.