Thursday, 25 October 2012

RCW Theme Song

The RCW Theme Song is now available online!

You've heard it at our live events, now you can listen to it at home. Real Canadian Wrestling's official theme song "Around The Bend" by Long Way Down is now available on iTunes. 

CLICK HERE and download it today! 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Update: Fay Hart Released

Fay Hart released from hospital
From the desks of Commissioner Dan Druff and Senior VP Of Sport Entertainment Daniel D. Kade 

Yesterday evening, Fay Hart (Teddy Hart's wife), was released from the hospital after being taken by ambulance following a vicious attack at the hands of Jesse Youngblood and Heavy Metal

We here at Real Canadian Wrestling take pride in putting on a great, family product, but the lines were crossed on Saturday evening when Jesse Youngblood gave a dangerous piledriver to Fay Hart while Metal forced Teddy Hart to watch. 

Fay was unable to move following the driver, and was stretchered out by RCW Officials until an ambulance arrived. 

Fay is currently suffering from a compressed spine, and has limited mobility of her head and neck. She is expected to make a full recovery, although the time frame is unknown. 

Real Canadian Wrestling does NOT condone the actions of Jesse Youngblood and Heavy Metal. In no way does RCW support the actions of a man laying his hands on a woman. 

RCW Officials have a meeting set to decide what type of punishment these two men will recieve after this vile act. 

Thank you to ALL of our fans who came out to pack the house and create a successful second annual event!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Tickets available ONLINE

Tickets for RCW's EGOS & ICONS featuring WWE Legend Kevin Nash are now available online. 

CLICK HERE to order your tickets today!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Match Officially Signed...

Special Attraction Match signed:

WWE Legend, "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash & AAA Superstar, Teddy Hart 
International Stars, Heavy Metal Canadiense & Jesse Younblood 

Tickets on sale to this event NOW!!
Only $20.00!!

Also appearing:
RCW Heavyweight Champion, Wavell Starr
Red Thunder
"Bonecrusher" Billy Day
Steven Styles

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Cremator is coming!

Joining the Rise Of The Legends II Tour, the 7 foot psycotic monster, The Cremator!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

"Big Daddy V" Viscera Issues A Challenge

"Big Daddy V" Viscera Issues A Challenge & Gets An Answer:

Upon signing to appear at RCW "Rise Of The Legends II", Viscera made it known to the RCW Officials that he wanted to take on the biggest man they could put in front of him! Shortly after this challenge was sent out, the RCW office had not one, but TWO men ask to be put in the ring with the WWE Legend!

These two men stepped in the ring with one another last month and proved to the RCW fans in attendance that big men can do big things! "The French Phenom" Andre Williams and Ted Dancin' have stepped up to the plate and accepted the challenge from "Big Daddy V" Viscera! 

These three men will step in the ring together at RCW "Rise Of The Legends II" on Saturday, Oct. 20th, in what will go down in RCW as the BIGGEST MATCH to ever be signed to an event in Edmonton! Well over 1000 lbs will be in the ring on Oct. 20th, and all three men will be gunning to prove that they are the very best!
Can Andre Williams or Ted Dancin' score a huge victory over Viscera?
Or will the WWE Legend prove to be too much for the two biggest men in RCW?

Find out on Oct. 20th!!