Monday, 22 October 2012

Update: Fay Hart Released

Fay Hart released from hospital
From the desks of Commissioner Dan Druff and Senior VP Of Sport Entertainment Daniel D. Kade 

Yesterday evening, Fay Hart (Teddy Hart's wife), was released from the hospital after being taken by ambulance following a vicious attack at the hands of Jesse Youngblood and Heavy Metal

We here at Real Canadian Wrestling take pride in putting on a great, family product, but the lines were crossed on Saturday evening when Jesse Youngblood gave a dangerous piledriver to Fay Hart while Metal forced Teddy Hart to watch. 

Fay was unable to move following the driver, and was stretchered out by RCW Officials until an ambulance arrived. 

Fay is currently suffering from a compressed spine, and has limited mobility of her head and neck. She is expected to make a full recovery, although the time frame is unknown. 

Real Canadian Wrestling does NOT condone the actions of Jesse Youngblood and Heavy Metal. In no way does RCW support the actions of a man laying his hands on a woman. 

RCW Officials have a meeting set to decide what type of punishment these two men will recieve after this vile act. 

Thank you to ALL of our fans who came out to pack the house and create a successful second annual event!

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